18 People Pictured Living The Happiest Day Of Their Lives

Then, when the college I expected to say no replied (which just so happened to be the best one), I got my sister to open the letter and told her that it would be a no. But I was wrong. I’d been accepted and knew that my life was about to change. I was so excited that I burst into tears.Being overwhelmingly happy is something to be celebrated and it can be the result of a number of things. Whether it’s an extravagant freebie that has a person smiling from ear to ear or them finally achieving a long-held dream. So, without further ado, here are 18 people on their happiest days…1. After rebooking his flight, this guy and his girlfriend got a free business class upgrade

Their faces really do say it all.

2. This 99-year-old woman who just got arrested

It was a pretty important one to tick off her bucket list.

3. They can’t contain their happiness at their engagement

This guy looks like he’s about to burst into tears like I did on my happiest day!

One of the biggest struggles which most of us have faced at one point is trying to get a job. Often, it feels like everyone else in the world has a better résumé than us, and sometimes every door you knock on gets shut in your face, but the next person on this list never let it stop her trying…

4. After two years of struggling, this woman finally got a job

She never gave up and now she can celebrate.

5. He got free Spider-Man comics from the author

It was Brian Michael’s way of encouraging him to get better after a car accident.

6. Her parents threw her dream party

Even though she wanted everything to be poop shaped.

Life is full of ups and downs and it’s often said that you have to experience a little rain every now and then in order to truly appreciate the sunshine. That was certainly the case for the next person on this list, who had unfortunately been homeless for 25 years.

7. A kind hairdresser offered him a makeover that changed his life

Jose Antonio ended up getting a job as a result. Proof that a little kindness can go a long way.

8. This blind guy had never held a cat before

Admittedly, the cat doesn’t look so happy, but who cares? They’re notoriously grumpy anyway.

9. This baby was so happy to his mom

And she was just as happy to see him too.

It doesn’t how much money you aspire to have, or what you’d like to achieve in life, none of it would be worthwhile without having your family and friends to share it with. So it’s no wonder that a free dream trip with a group of strangers became the next guy on this list’s happiest day.

10. He got a free holiday because of this name

After a guy named Joe McGrath pulled out of a holiday to Spain with his friends, they contacted another guy with the same name to take his place. He wasn’t sure at first, but it’s clear from this picture that it worked out pretty well for him and he made some new friends in the process!

11. When a mud race took a very happy turn for this guy

He got down and dirty in the best possible way.

12. The newlyweds who had Tom Hanks crash their photoshoot

He photobombed them in Central Park.

Nobody knows when the happiest dayof their life will happen. For many people, like the couple above, it’s their wedding day, but for some, like the next person on this list, it comes later in life. The world changes a lot over the years, and she was delighted by this particular piece of technology…

13. This 93-year-old who got to play using virtual reality glasses

Evelyn couldn’t contain her joy.

14. The dog who got the best friend he’d always wanted

That kitty is going to be very well looked after.

15. He hadn’t seen his wife in 10 years because he was blind

But thanks to technological advancements, it was finally possible.

Sometimes true happiness comes when you find the courage to step out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s finding the guts to quit your dead-end job, or simply a case of trying something new, which is exactly what the last adventurous group on this list did.

16. He saw more than just the show at this music festival

And I bet he wasn’t the only admirer this woman had for her, um, necklace.

17. The kid who won big at the arcade

Here’s hoping he got to exchange those tickets for a good prize.

18. These monks on a rollercoaster

Because you can’t realistically meditate all of the time.

The great thing about the happiest day of your life is that it can change. When you’re in your teens, it might be graduating high school, and when you’re a little older, it could be your wedding day. There are people on this list of all ages, so it’s safe to say we’ve all got a lot to look forward to!